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Koca Companies focus on the future development of the swine industry, continuously striving to develop new products to help the producers meet the needs of an ever changing market. 

Koca takes enormous pride in its employee’s expertise and many years of experience in the swine industry.  Through innovation and testing Koca has designed many patented products to help the swine industry. 

Maintaining our customer’s needs and wants through world class standards and superior customer service, Koca strives to be the world’s best swine industry manufacturer. 

Koca’s manufacturing plant and head office are located in the heart of KimHae City, close to the harbor port of Pusan, South Korea; where Mr. Ki Joo, Kim, CEO and President of Koca Companies works tirelessly to provide the swine industry with new innovative products.  Mr. Ki Joo, Kim also opened a branch office in the USA in 2000, located in the middle of the pork industry, Des Moines, IA, to better support the industry.
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